Kaberle could not see it anymore, he was rather studying, but he picked up two positive points in the plus / minus box and he was at the key moment of the whole match, in which he scored the winning goal.

By the end It was missing 52 seconds when the bull in its own band played a decisive action. This was how Adam Henrique, the author of the game, described it: “The important thing was that he was patient after the bustle of Kaberle, he held the puck and waited for a break. Thanks to that, we had a place in the middle zone and got into a break. ”

Kaberle entered a defensive pair with Mike Commissar, who is also in New Jersey on trial.It is the two of them who football betting bonuses should replace Mark Fayne with Anton Volčenkov, who left after the last season.

“Tomáš therefore has a great chance to win,” said Jaromír Jágr, whose former Kladno partner was surprised at the Olympics In Sochi. “I did not trust him, but in the end he was one of the better players. I was rather sorry that he did not get a chance from an NHL club he wanted to step up before Stanley Cup. ”

The opportunity came only now but the 36-year win has not been won because the competition is great: “The Devil” team has a total of nineteen defenders!

The summers are growing, but Kaberle is determined to succeed. “You can be better every year. It does not matter whether you are a junior or a veteran.I just believe I can make it to the camp. Otherwise, I would not be here. I’m healthy and I feel good, “he said before the first match.

If he returns to the NHL, it will be unexpected. He had previously suffered a bitter farewell in Montreal, where his coaches had not been built for a long time and the club had paid him out of the contract prematurely. Who would expect that, given the declining performance, the growing age and the lack of interest of other clubs after the departure to Europe, it will still be successful?

“Occasionally, things do not go according to your ideas, but it is gone. A new challenge ahead of me and I’m ready to use it at all costs. ”

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