Select a man to raise Sparta is a very responsible and complex task. Zdeněk Ščasný last for seventeen months in the most respected club position in the country. Leading Vítězslav Lavička for less than three years.

Last week, Sparta ended negotiations on the arrival of Jindřich Trpišovský from Liberec, which Ludvík Karl, owner of North Bohemian Club, refused to release.

Currently the first Spartan team is lead by former assistant David Holoubek, whose mandate expires at the end of November because he does not have the necessary license to perform the function of the Lead Team Leader.

His successor is looking for Fire, who will take the role of online bookmaker Sport Director in the winter break.

“We believe Tomas will be for Sparta’s benefit.He played Spartu, has a high level of professionalism, has respect in the football field, experience both with training and the position of sports director and then director of the first league club. In addition, due to the current position of the scouting boss, he has a great overview of both domestic and foreign players. He has all the prerequisites to succeed in this position, “said Adam Kotalík, CEO for

Jaroslav Hřebík was the last sporting position, but he spent the last three years working in the Youth Training Center Strahov, where it remains.He has been officially the sporting boss since last year when he joined the club as Chief Executive Officer Adam Kotalík.

Sparta is in a difficult situation, after nine rounds losing 6 points in the Championship Pilsen, plus giant problems in the squad that bookmakers offer caused health problems.

Representative midfielder Martin Frydek will recover after a serious knee injury for a year, after the knee surgery is also Lukáš Vácha.

Costu with Josef Šural and Michal Sachek also suffers from muscle problems. Tomáš Rosický after returning from abroad played only twenty minutes at the beginning of September, for a long time is outside Ondřej Zahustel.All representatives and players of the basic set.

Among the marod is also the second goalkeeper David Bičík or midfielder Aleš Čermák.

Earlier, the club from the squad has eliminated Tiemok Konatho, the Cote d’Ivoire’s representative grossly violated the player’s duties. And Marka Matějovský club released to Mladá Boleslav. How they would both fit now.